About Us

We judge ourselves on what we are capable to achieve; others judge us on what we achieved. Henry U. Longfello


n the modern world calcium hypochlorite (lime chloric) and sodium hypochlorite, generally apply when disinfecting and bleaching and also as strong disinfectant and nowadays these means are most demanded.

The LLC “STROY BETON PLAST” is a producer of chloric products in Uzbekistan.

The LLC “STROY BETON PLAST” offers all types of calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite. We have affordable prices and possibility of delivery to any region of Uzbekistan.

The LLC “STROY BETON PLAST” makes the products from high-quality raw materials on the latest equipment. Constant control of quality of raw materials and output goods at all technological stages of production, it provides a release of the high-quality product having stable properties.

Having own laboratory the LLC “STROY BETON PLAST” exercises a quality control of products.

Our company does not aspire to low the cost of production is produced by us at the expense of use of bad quality raw materials, but thus keeps one of in the lead positions in Uzbekistan on a parity “Price-quality”.

The priority direction in the development strategy of our company is high-quality and expeditious customer service and also full support by our experts.